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In 2012 in the state of Florida, there is not a lack of choices in the health insurance market.  Currently, there are seven companies that we count as dependable and can recommend.  If you have a company that is not on this list then we highly recommend that you call us at 888 803 5917 to discuss your options and your current company.

The best choice in Florida on the HMO side is without question Coventry.   This is the plan that most of us have in this office in fact.  It is rumored that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is going to release their individual HMO again this year.  I say again, because they had one for years and then pulled it off the market a few years ago when the pricing got to be exorbitant.  I suspect that the Blue Cross HMO will only be available in South Florida however.  The Coventry HMO is actually only available in South Florida and parts of North Florida.

Coventry does offer a PPO in other parts of Florida and it can be competitive based on your zip code and age.  So why do we love Coventry in 2012?  It is simple actually.  They have the most benefits for the least money.  Their plans also come with dental and vision at no extra cost.

On the PPO side we choose Humana first not because of their benefits, but because of their price.  Humana and Cigna just both decided to be the most affordable plans in the state and they pretty much are first and second in almost every Florida health insurance quote that I ran.  Humana usually just edges out Cigna in most comparisons, but don’t take my word on it, run your own Florida health quote now!

Blue Cross and United Health Care (or United Health One as they like to be called in the individual health market) are decent plans, but they are simply not as affordable in most of the state as Humana and Cigna.  That being said, if you don’t live in South Florida or a major population center like Orlando or Tampa, these assertions might not hold true and Blue Cross or United could be the cheapest plan in your area.

Aetna and AARP which are both underwritten by Aetna are very affordable as you can guess for anyone over 55 or under 22.  AARP is really competitive this year especially compared to last year and we couldn’t be happier with their plans.  Aetna is simply the best claims payer in Florida with Blue Cross being a close second.

Finally, there is Avmed who defies a straight-forward analysis as they have a very benefit rich plan and last year we sold them like crazy in South Florida.  I can tell you that this year they are not as affordable as last year but in some age groups they could come in strong.  What I love about Avmed is that they offer an emergency room copay which is like having a built in accident policy.  (Cigna also has this benefit on some plans, as does Blue Cross but the BCBSFL plans that have this benefit are just too expensive this year.)